New Experiences – Being in London

Praktikum in LondonOnce I took an Uber home from the office and we drove through a street with beautiful houses left and right and I thought to myself: “I wanna live here one day.” Turns out that was Grosvenor Crescent, the second most expensive street in all of London.
Before I started my internship abroad in London, I was a very low-paid audio-visual media trainee at a local TV station. After I returned I was still a very low-paid trainee at the same TV station, but I have got a better understanding of how this business and the market looks like internationally and more importantly what opportunities one might stumble upon if he or she tries new things, takes risk and ventures out of his or her comfort zone.
My work at The Film Yard in East Finchley was rich in variety and challenged me with every task anew. My boss was awesome and he was always very satisfied with my work. I am incredibly thankful for the things I was able to experience while working there. However, that is not the most memorable part of my stay. What I enjoyed the most was simply leaving everything behind and basically starting a completely new life in a completely strange city, living alone and caring for myself for the first time.
It was hard in the beginning, especially when it came to saying goodbye to my boyfriend and going from seeing him every day to not seeing him for several weeks. On the other hand, this presented me with a whole lot of free time and since I needed some distraction from being home-sick, a new attitude developed within me: “What the heck, I’m going to be gone in a month and none of these people will most likely ever see me again”. This led to some of my favorite highlights, such as taking tango and swing classes for the first time all by myself; spending 50 £ on dance shoes a week after; watching a Shakespeare play at the Globe for the first time; learning how to use a gas stove; accidentally cooking enough food to feed a family of 6 just for me; wandering around London and finding the ruins of an old church that was made into a park; having a traditional English breakfast at 3 pm in Brixton; learning quite a few Norwegian swear words while watching Germany’s last World Cup game with my boss (who is half Norwegian, half German); going to a musical for the first time, and pissing myself laughing at “The Book of Mormon” and coming across heaven while exploring London (a street full of antiquarian book shops).
London is a really cool place to live. There’s more than one or even two busses you can take anywhere and anytime and if you get to sit upstairs in the front you get to see all kinds of places in London, more than you will ever see on one of those tourist rides; you can have lovely conversations with strangers at train stations and there is so much internationality, you can find all corners of the earth represented somehow, with restaurants, art, shops, street performers and more in this city.
Some of these things I have got to experience with my boyfriend who came to visit me for one weekend. My absolute favorite highlight. Because trying new things and gathering experiences is awesome, but sharing them with someone is even better.
( Olivia Boz AVM 71)


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