Three weeks of living in London

LondonI've always wanted to make the experience of living and working abroad, so I took the chance and went to London for a three-week internship. I was hoping to gain a better insight view of the job of a media designer abroad and of making the experience of working in a different type of company. A company that is much smaller than the one I work at in Germany. Furthermore, I was looking forward to getting to know more about the British culture, the people living in London and the English language in general. I firmly believe that it is quite important to be able to communicate and work with people of different cultures, because nowadays many jobs are international, especially in our field of work.
During my time in London I've worked on various projects for The Film Yard, a small film company. In my first week of work I helped my boss Jonas, who was very nice and always in a good mood, filming a charisma coaching workshop which was not only a fun job, but also very good for learning English because I heard it all day long and was able to get in contact with lots of different kind of people. The following week I was filming and editing videos for a client of the company and I also helped Jonas during a shoot in a small gallery. My job was to record the sound and edit the footage. I finally had to create a few shorter and one longer video for promotion purposes of the gallery in my third week. On my last day of work we filmed a promotion video for a language school in Brighton, which was a really great ending of my internship, not only because of the job itself but especially due to the beautiful location.
I really enjoyed working abroad because of all the exciting jobs, the people I worked with and I met through The Film Yard. However, during my time in London I've also met many other new people, like my host mother, who genuinely welcomed me. She showed me around in Harrow, where I had stayed for three weeks. She gave me some really helpful tips for places to visit in London. So I took her advice and went to some nice cafes, parks and districts of London like Camden market. The two most exciting things I did while being over there were surely going to Brighton on an aestival Saturday and seeing the musical Les Miserable.
Having lived in London for three weeks was an absolutely right decision and I would do it again at anytime. Of course, it hasn´t been easy all the time, particularly when it came to finding the right way through the maze of the London underground stations. But I managed by having asked quite a few people for the right direction and finally understood how the magical underground system in London works. I have come to know and appreciate London as a big but beautiful city with all kinds of different people who always fulfilled my cliché of the friendly and kind Briton. And - last but not least I finally came around to eat some really good British food. (Maren Wiegand, AVM)


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